Puma Faas Collection Spring 2011

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Puma unveils their all-new lightweight trainers for Spring/Summer 2011. Introducing the Faas collection which feature the brand’s most innovative and high-tech runners with the installment of the new BioRide technology. The Jamaican word Faas is used to label the new runners because it means “fast.” Check the press release after the break.

PUMA Helps Runners Find Their Rhythm and Run Faster with the New Faas Collection of Trainers

PUMA Unveils Faas Trainers with New BioRide™ Technology, Giving Runners a Naturally Responsive Ride

HERZOGENAURACH, GERMANY (Spring/Summer 2011) – PUMA Running is striding its way into 2011 with a fun, innovative and technologically advanced range of running shoes: the PUMA Faas Collection. Faas gets its name from the Jamaican word for fast, and the name fits. The collection is grounded in performance and features a biomechanical design technology exclusive to PUMA, called BioRide™, that provides a naturally responsive ride, helping runners get into their own rhythm for increased speed and performance.

The innovative BioRide™ technology featured in the Faas shoes spent years in development. PUMA took a look at some of the fastest athletes affiliated with the brand and studied their movement, foot placement and overall running skills. There were three proven and consistent skills that were identified as critical to top performance. PUMA translated these elements into three categories — Rocker, Flex & Groove — that become the cornerstones of the BioRide™ technology and the Faas shoes.

First, the best runners reduce their amount of time on the ground, making for faster runs and faster times. The Faas Collection incorporates a continuous, rocker-shape outsole which provides smooth touchdown and effortless transition, providing runners with a natural ride and less time on the ground. Second, they do not waste motion. 360 degree flex grooves are placed in key areas throughout the Faas shoes; these flex grooves respond specifically to how the runner’s foot moves, providing a truly unique and responsive ride. Lastly, these world-renowned athletes are incredibly aware of the ground, which allows the foot to react instinctively to keep them stable. The Faas shoes have a horizontal groove that runs through the midsole of the shoe. Regardless of how a runner’s foot hits the ground, this groove will provide them with natural stability.

PUMA Running knows every runner is unique and what one runner needs may not be necessary for another. To help runners find the best Faas style to suit their needs, PUMA has assigned each style a number, ranging from 100 to 1000. The lower number models, such as the Faas 300, have less cushioning and less structure, providing a lightweight, fast-paced trainer. As the number gets higher, additional cushioning and structure is added to the shoe. The higher number shoes, like the Faas 500, are perfect everyday neutral trainers.

The Faas range from Spring/Summer 2011 features bright, bold colors with unique overlays and design details for each style. PUMA Running’s new Faas Collection brings the joy back into running with increased speed and performance, along with some “check-me-out” designs.

Key Highlights from the Spring/Summer 2011 Running Collection

Faas 300 – The Faas 300 is a lightweight style from the Faas Range that is built for runners who defy convention and speed on a daily basis. Featuring BioRide technology, minimal cushioning and structure, and no heel counter, this shoe is for the runners who are ready to fly. The Faas 300 is stylized with a unique overlay with cut-out circles, giving the shoe a two-toned and exciting look. Available as the Faas 300 for men and Faas 300 W for ladies.

Faas 500 – The Faas 500 and Faas 500 W incorporate PUMA’s new BioRide technology, giving all runners a naturally responsive ride. Falling right in the middle of the Faas Range’s numerical scale, the Faas 500 has a complimentary balance of added structure and cushioning to provide a comfortable run with improved speed and performance. The Faas 500 comes in a number of fun, bright colorways, providing runners a surefire way to jazz up their wardrobe and their run.

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