Puma Speed Cat SD

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We all have that friend who can’t stop talking about cars, racing and stuff like that. Puma feels that the Speed Cat SD might be the perfect gift for him. Of course, that’s possible only if you really like that friend to warrant such a wonderful a gift. In that case, he should be thankful. The Speed Cat SD is inspired by race cars and looks very much like the actual shoes worn by racing drivers. A combination of subtle curves and smooth lines give it a streamlined look. Made of suede, it’s similar to the material of choice for premium cars on their dashboards and steering wheels. The shoes come with rounded heels for easy movement across the pedals and it features tire tread patterns on the outsole for maximum grip. It’s available in two color styles and the best thing about this pair is its price. You wouldn’t shell out one whole Benjie Franklin for a pair. $75.

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